Friday, October 2, 2009

#930.Make a list of the top ten Disney characters.

When You Wish Upon a Star

I haven't watched many Disney movies or cartoons since I turned 13. I loved them a lot when I was a little kid. I still remember the excitement that would build when Disney's Christmas Carol came on in December, or how Julie Andrews always made the medicine go down with her delightful voice. However, it has been almost 17 years since any of these have entertained me. I don't really care for Disney anymore. I think that it has something to do with becoming a jaded adult. The simplicity of Snow White or The Lion King just doesn't appeal to me. Peter Pan seems like an irresponsible loser and Geppetto seems like a pedophile. I sometimes long for the simpler times, but I understand that they can never return. There is something really special about being a child, but it fades quickly and it never comes back. I guess that's the way it should be. The task at hand now is a compilation of the Top Ten Disney Characters. I'm going to stick to characters that are unmistakably, old school Disney. I know that Hannah Montana is a current Disney creation that will be treasured as today's tweens become tomorrow's adults, but she's way out of my wheelhouse. We're only listing characters from my memory.

1. Mickey Mouse (obviously)

2. Scrooge McDuck (from Christmas Carol to Duck Tales, he rocked)

3. Genie (He was awesome in Aladdin.)

4. Mary Poppins (I liked her)

5. Jacques and Trusty (Both from Lady and the Tramp, funny and memorable)

6. Snow White (She was the first feature film character. It's hard not to put her on the list.)

7. Simba (He is from one of the last Disney movies that I enjoyed)

8. The Wicked Stepsisters (Come on, they were hilarious)

9. Bambi (Such a sad little deer)

10. Baloo (The bare necessities, the simple bare necessities)

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