Saturday, October 17, 2009

#450.Write the song “Mandy” as a short story…but adding no details that aren’t there.

Oh Mandy!

My life hadn’t been going well. In fact, I cannot remember when the world didn’t feel as cold as ice. I stare out the window and cry all night until the next day. I’d watch people walk by, and somehow I was reminded of Mandy. She came into my life and gave me a purpose. I couldn’t take how great she was so I sent her away.
I’m just depressed now. I wasn’t all that put together before Mandy. Sometimes, I’d have seizures and she’d kiss me. I cannot believe that I dumped her. I’m having a lot of regrets about that now. I suppose there is no going back now, but I wish there was because I need her today.

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