Friday, October 30, 2009

#357.Correct the grammar in a hiphop song

HipHop Grammar

Corrected Lyrics


I'm with a hundred and one ********, and a dalmation doggy deep.

I am fly with my tongue so if you are feeling froggy leap.

Kermit, you better think before you ribbit.

Don't be murdered over your song before ad-lib it.

I pop up like exibit.

Forget it, I'm at your crib, not to put fish tanks in your Honda Civics.

Don't get your ride pimped, it will get hard tied and wiped.

Have you in the trunk curled up like fried shimp.

It's been a good year, maybe I should ride with him.

Because your boy just stays above the game.

They are trying to tag them, spray a brother's frame.

Your shots can't reach me. I'm way above your aim.

Go ahead ********, say another name.

Take this family for a joke. I had a brother game, and I'm getting you sucker.

I've been scheming with this.

I've been aiming with this day.

I'm putting that major pain in something.

My little man Zonia, Marlon, and Shonia will lay the beef on this noodle.

They'll make some noodle lasagna.

Forty calorie fettuccine is the pound pasta.

You reach for this medalion. You must like Italian, *******.

You only see me pushing the driver's side.

I work the six ever since the five retired.

The drop top, they say the social drive expired.

You could call a cab once your bitch falls for Fabulous.

P.S. This was really, really boring.

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