Sunday, October 18, 2009

#188. Make a list of your all-time favorite television shows

TV Watcher
I love to watch television probably more than the average person. I'm not saying that makes me a critic but more of a connoisseur. I'm partial to sitcoms because I like to laugh. I tried to stay away from putting more than a few shows that are currently on the air because I feel there would be a propensity to choose them. The following two questions were my criteria for the list:
  • How much did I do I enjoy repeated viewings of the show?
  • Were/are they "can miss" for new episodes?
  1. Arrested Development
  2. Friends
  3. Seinfeld
  4. Scrubs
  5. Lost
  6. Quantum Leap
  7. The Simpsons
  8. Frasier
  9. Law and Order: Special Victims Unit
  10. Roseanne

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