Sunday, October 11, 2009

#165. Watch something on PBS

PBS stands for Pretty Boring Stuff

I am not a fan of PBS. It’s not that I don’t think that educational and quality programming are bad things, but I’m just not one of the viewers who enjoy it. When I think of PBS, I think about broadening my horizons. This is the main reason that it made it onto my list. I thought that I could really turn another page of sophistication in my life. It turns out that I don’t like documentaries. I thought I did because I pride myself on being an intellectual snob. Apparently, my rural roots (which are tangentially white trash) have bled straight through to my brain.
The documentary in question was a Ken Burns one on America’s National Parks. I’d enjoyed Ken Burns in the past. I’ve always found his Civil War documentary especially riveting. The American’s National Parks documentary had everything that you’d think that I’d enjoy within it. It had the outdoors, obscure people from history and even catchy background music. The problem was that I felt…bored while I was watching it. I kept checking to see how long this snore-fest lasted. I feel bad being such a plebian when it comes to documentaries and PBS, but apparently, I am. I guess worse things could happen.

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