Sunday, September 6, 2009

#9. Install a backsplash in the kitchen

Splash Back

When I bought my house, there were several things that I noticed: the fireplace, the large master bedroom, and the big deck outside. There were a lot of things that I didn't notice. One of these things was the missing backsplash. Most houses that I've been in had the countertop running up the wall or ceramic tile, mine just had the painted drywall. I knew I needed to fix this, but I figured it was going to be annoying. Guess what? It was.

Because I'm cheap, I used self-adhesive, vinyl tiles. Then, I got the bright idea to make a pattern. Mistake. I got about five hours into this project when I wanted to flip the hell out. I was alone in the house, but I started snapping tiles and throwing crap around. However, I took a break and caught my breath. I'm proud to say that I finished, and it didn't look too bad. You can tell that I did it myself, but it still passes as ok. I was happy about it. Then I decided to caulk the bottom of the tile to the countertop to keep the water it looks like shit, but guess what? I've decided to live with it.

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