Saturday, September 5, 2009

#825. Make a list of things that are usually red

Roses are Red...Among Other Things

Apples, cherries, cooked lobsters, bricks, blood, tongue, underneath the eyelids, lips, male cardinals, numbers on digital alarm clocks, flushed faces, roses, fire extinguishers, stop signs, stoplights, ketchup, marinara, tomatoes, grenadine, outside of radishes, bullfighting capes, thermometer mercury, tops of the rainbow, raspberries, lights in hooker’s houses, some types of flags, some sand, rubies, hell, demons, lipstick, blush, crying eyes, some clothes, magma, strawberries, watermelon, some cars, cinnamon disks, scars, some people’s hair, Killians, redhots, Big Red gum, all artificial flavors of the above mentioned foods, French and Russian salad dressing, red peppers, and sunburn.

I'm sure there are tons more, but I'm tired of thinking red.

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