Tuesday, September 22, 2009

#810 Make up a Present Day Cast for Gone with the Wind

Where'd the wind go?

This isn't really all the easy. Gone with the Wind is arguably the most beloved film ever made. It was a big deal when it was made in the 1930s, and people still seem to have a strong reaction to it. I've seen the movie probably about 3 times. I'm not going to use imdb.com to look up the cast because that might be cheating. I'm going to do this from my memory so if I forget a key player, then I can plead ignorance.

Gone with the Wind Cast: circa 2010

Scarlett O'Hara: Amber Tamblyn

Rhett Butler: Jeremy Sisto

Melanie Wilkes: Evangeline Lily

Ashley Wilkes: Jude Law

Prissy: Kelly Rowland

Mammy: Queen Latifah

Susan: Leighton Meister

Caroline: Joanna Garcia

Frank Kennedy: Zach Braff

Charles Hamilton: Ian Somerhalder

Belle Whatley: Angelina Jolie

Mr. O'Hara: Michael Douglas

Mrs. O'Hara: Laurie Metcalfe

I actually like these choices. Sure, they aren't perfect, but they never will be. I tried to imagine the actors in the previous roles they've played as well as their perceived personalities from the crap that is reported in the tabloids. It doesn't really matter that much because they'll never renake Gone with the Wind. Well, maybe not never, but I doubt it will be in the next 20 years. If it is, I'd be shocked, and I'm guessing a lot of people would at least feign outrage.

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