Thursday, September 10, 2009

#528. Try to remember your past addresses

How Should I Address You?

My parents' house (1979-1998):

Rural Route 2 Box 194

Rockville IN

My first address away from home (1998-1999):


Cary Quadrangle

West Lafayette IN

Moving into the fraternity house (1999-2002):

607 University Street

West Lafayette, IN

Welcome to Columbus (2002-2004):

652 Stinchcomb Drive

Columbus OH

I spent three months living in Wooster, OH. I have no idea what that address was (2003)

Living with Aunt Cynthia figuring out what to do with life (2004, 2008):

Main Street

Bainbridge, IN

Back in Lafayette, getting education degree (2004-2006):

200 Timber Trail Drive

Apartment 204

Lafayette IN

Better apartment in Lafayette (2006-2007):

1104 ½ Ferry Street

Lafayette IN

One year in South Carolina (2007-2008)

420 Myrtle Green Drive

Apartment E

Conway, SC

Back in Lafayette for the 3rd time...this time in a house that I own (2008-Present)

Not going to put my current address on the world wide web.

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