Saturday, September 12, 2009

#118.Make a pie

Apples to Heaven

I've never made a pie. I've never actually even a huge fan of pie, but the similes "as American as apple pie" always made me feel bad about not liking pie. I thought that if I were going to make a pie, then I'd make one helluva pie. That is when I came across a recipe for Savannah High Apple Pie. It look way too big and way too difficult to make so I decided to tackle it because there is nothing that I cannot do.

Baking is not one of my favorite things. The dough, the mixing, the other crap involved just isn't my forte. I've done it before, but I don't normally get too excited about. If I have to bake I can, but I'd rather not. I prefer using the grill to using the oven, but that's a different story.

This Savannah High Apple Pie was trouble from the beginning. It called for 24 peeled apples, but I only used 20. Have you ever peeled an apple? It sucks. I got through three and I wanted to quit, but I perservered. The checkout clerk at Payless had given me a discount on my apples so I used that as inspiration to continue this bad idea.

It turns out that 20 apples sliced up is a lot of apples. I was surprised at how high this apple pie was going to be to incorporate all of the apples. Anyway, once the apples were peeled, I thought that I was out of the woods, but I was sadly mistaken. Do you know that rolling out pie crust is a lot harder than it looks? No matter how much flour I used that @#$%@#$%ing crust still stuck to the roller. It didn't make me very happy, but once again...I perservered. Finally, it was all together and I slid the monstrosity into the oven. It all looked very well and good. Perhaps, it was going to come out perfect especially after all my hard work. Fat chance, it took about 20 minutes for the pie to start leaking its liquid ingredients all over the inside of the oven. I think that about 1/2 of what I put in actually leaked out. The caramel topping was pretty easy to make, but a pain to spread over the top of the pie without hurting the crust. It does look halfway nice when it is finished. And I'll be honest, it tastes really good. Anyone for pie? There's a lot left over.

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