Wednesday, September 9, 2009

#117. Eat a plum

Plum Knowledge

I don't believe that I've ever eaten a plum. I've been around plums before but never partook. I think it is the whole prune legacy that has scared me away. This is probably insane, but I hate raisins, raisins look like little prunes, and prunes are dehydrated plums. Even if you follow my logic, you probably don't get it. I don't blame you either. It is pretty stupid, but I'd been okay with it. Today, however, I broke the mold. I had purchased a single plum at Payless on Sunday. It stared at me in the refrigerator every time I looked inside, but after dinner, I was looking for a dessert item. I don't have any good dessert stuff like cookies, cakes or pies so I settled on the plum. Was it delicious? Actually, I was pleasantly surprised. I'm not saying that I'm a plum fanatic, but I'd eat one again. And I wouldn't be apprehensive about it. Fascinating stuff, huh!

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