Wednesday, August 26, 2009

#895 Analyze the symbolism in the three little pigs

The Department of Pigland Security
Little pig, little pig let me in!
The three little pigs are a classic fairy tale, but upon closer inspection, I believe that they are more relevant than ever. You see in the days of Patriot Acts, terrorist attacks and Guantanamo Bays this story offers more than meets the eye. Let's look at what the main characters represent before I weave my tale for you.
Pig #1
This is the working class. They spend so much time trying to make ends meet that they cannot spend a lot of money on their homes. This is why the first pig was forced to make his house out of straw. He couldn't afford anything else. Also, many of the working class people in this country are first or second generation American. This makes them quite vulnerable in today's suspicious society.
Pig #2
This is the middle class. Their house is made of sticks or wood. The craftsmanship is a little more durable because they have a bit more disposable income. However, the middle class is in peril. It is shrinking at an alarming rate as we become a dichotomous society of rich and poor.
Pig #3
This is the upper class, the wealthy. They own and control most of the resources in this country. They could afford the more expensive brick as a building material, and they can afford to pay skilled laborers to construct it. The upper class is virtually untouchable.
The Wolf
Full of hot air...hmm, can you say politician? Of course you can. The wolf represents our government, more specifically the Department of Homeland Security. He comes to your door and demands to be let in so that they can ransack your home for evidence of terrorist activities.
Our Story
The first little pig builds his house of straw. He is most likely a hard-working immigrant with limited means. One day the Department of Homeland Security shows up and demands to be let inside because of a threat against national security. The pig tries to refuse, but his house is immediately destroyed and he forced back to his native country. Now that the immigrants and the poor have been sponged from the country, the wolf sets his sights on the middle class or the pig with his house of wood. This pig has the resources to put up more of a fight, but in the end the government has become so powerful that the middle class is destroyed. Since we are now a country bereft of immigrants, the middle class disappears and they become the working class. Now, the government has one more target, the wealthy. The wealthy are not even the slightest bit scared of the government because they know that their money will keep them safe. The government may try to tax the wealthy, but the wealthy can set up tax shelters and dummy corporations to hide their money. This means that the government eventually gives up and returns to harass the new working class who have probably just began to build straw houses.
Side Note
This entire entry is pure crap, and I don't believe a word of it. However, you've got to admit that it is creative.

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