Sunday, August 30, 2009

#181 Make Eggs Florentine

Breakfast Italian Style

I'd always wondered what Eggs Florentine were. It sounds a lot like combining Italian cooking and breakfast which sounds pretty good. Breakfast needs some more international flavor. There have been some great strides in this (Belgian waffles) as well as some missteps (breakfast burritos) so I was interested in finding out where this particular dish fell.

I'd heard about them from somewhere, perhaps a television show, but I was pretty sure that I'd never had them. I soon discovered that Eggs Florentine are basically spinach, cheese and eggs. Recipes vary, but that's the basic ingredients. I found a simple recipe that called for canned cheese soup, frozen spinach and eggs. (I know that you're mouth is watering right now.) Anyway, it seemed easy enough. The only thing that I didn't have was the individual cups so I improvised. I unscrewed the handle off of an old pot so that it would go in the oven. I can tell your impressed by my ingenuity already. The whole process took all of 30 minutes. The steps were so easy that I don't feel the need to recount them.

Let me tell you that Eggs Florentine are good, but very rich. You cannot eat more than two helpings of it at one sitting. (Also don't try to reheat it because it tastes like rubber.) From the amount of cheese that it contained, I'm pretty sure you won't find this on anyone's diet. However, it was worth trying once. I may have them again, but probably in a restaurant.

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